Nairobi sees 22% boost in domestic air travel capacity

By Josephine Wawira Nairobi is the only city in Africa whose airports are recording higher growth for domestic capacity than that of international capacity, with a 22% boost. This is according to a new report by ForwardKeys, which compares Nairobi’s trend to most of the other top 10 African Airports ranked by total scheduled capacity... Continue Reading →


Air transport, Africa’s most viable means of transport

By Josephine Wawira Africa accounts for only 3% of the world’s air traffic. ‘IATA’ predicts a stronger growth of 4.8% in passenger numbers in the next 5 years starting 2017, thanks to the increase of international flights into the continent. This is according to a recently published Hospitality Report for Africa by Jumia Travel, which... Continue Reading →

Aviation in Africa: A burgeoning industry

By Josephine Wawira Jumia Travel Launches Flight Services “Travelers are increasingly demanding reliable connectivity that gives them more control over their travel experience and expands their options for on-the-go travel purchases.” This is according to a report by CellPoint Mobile - which provides payment solutions to airlines, which further indicates that 90% of travelers prefer... Continue Reading →

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