A continent on an upward move: Top 10 skyscrapers in Africa

By Josephine Wawira (Written: 2016) Africa is literally moving upwards, with buildings being erected every passing day. Interesting to note, some of these skyscrapers (multi-story buildings whose architectural height is at least 100m) are part of individual countries’ rigorous infrastructural development plans, meant to boost the continent’s economic expansion in one way or another. Others... Continue Reading →


The Forgotten African Music Beats

By Josephine Wawira  The world has over the years developed in all its aspects; from technology, culture, governance, architecture, even in one of the most social facets, music. One generation after another, music has evolved from the ancient times to what we are experiencing in today’s genres. We all have different tastes, but one thing... Continue Reading →

20 of my favourite travel quotes

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As Ricky and I prepare for our Botswana trip, I’ve been posting travel quotes daily on my twitter feed. Travel quotes hold a special meaning for me, not least because they provide inspiration.

When Ricky proposed to me in June 2016, part of his proposal involved handmade wooden signs on which he had etched quotes about travel and journeys. His message was clear to me: life is an exciting adventure, it’s not about the destination, but about the trail you take and with whom you share the journey! At the top of the mountain, when I found him on one knee, there was a final sign that read: “Annie, will you continue this journey in life with me?”

Of course I said yes, and now travel is a central and essential part of our life together. For that very reason I find comfort in travel quotes. I believe in…

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Botswana Blog: the country – what’s Botswana all about?

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This is part of a series of posts leading up to our big Botswana road trip, which will begin from Johannesburg on 24 March 2018, just shy of three weeks from now. For information on what we’re doing, see the first post here.

Botswana has often been considered one of the most stable countries in Africa, with one of the longest running multi-party democracies on the continent. In 2016 it celebrated 50 years since gaining independence from Britain. It is the largest producer of diamonds in the world and is considered a ‘middle income’ nation.

15438352822_4b900242dc_z San bushman in rural Botswana (photo © Flickr/fvfavo)

The country’s population of around 2 million people is sparsely spread across its vast area of 582,000 square kilometres (224,000 square miles). For comparison purposes, Texas is roughly 270,000 square miles and its population is nearly 28 million. So yes, there is a lot of wide open…

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Safety when exploring game parks – just the girls

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Recently, one of my followers asked me about exploring game parks around South Africa, as a woman. I’m very independent (just ask my husband) and have gone to Pilanesberg, Kruger and Golden Gate National Parks – to name a few – on my own in the past few years. I’ve also organised trips for girlfriends visiting from America and the UK (that’s how I celebrated the week leading up to my wedding in November!). In other words, I’m all about independent travel – but I also emphasise safety and awareness in travel. Here are a few of my pointers on traveling in South Africa as a woman.

Screenshot 2018-03-20 13.58.49.png

1. Know the law

In South Africa you are likely to run into police checkpoints/roadblocks when on a road trip. I have had this happen multiple times, and while I hate to say it, there have been moments where a police officer…

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