How did Valentine’s Day start?

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E-Commerce penetration in Kenya ramping up travel

By Josephine Wawira Online buying and selling of goods and services, online transactions, high mobile penetration, fast connectivity, a digital savvy population and an increased consumer spending power are among factors increasingly fueling the penetration and growth of e-commerce in Kenya. One of the sectors consequently effected by this disruption is the travel industry, in... Continue Reading →

Top 8 Things to do in Malta


Sat in the turquoise-blue Mediterranean Sea is the tropical island of Malta. It is located in between Sicily and the North African coast, with hot weather and blue waters that make it a popular island for tourists especially in the summer months. Malta is a relatively easy travel destination, with flights departing from most UK major airports with around a 3-hour flight time.

27497305_1898796840140194_2046161254_n Stunning views of one of Gozo’s many beaches

The Maltese islands are an archipelago consisting of three beautiful parts of heaven – Malta itself, Gozo and Comino. It is cheap and easy to island hop by ferry, and tour tickets can be bought from kiosks on the seafront in Sliema. The ferry leaves from Cirkewwa port every hour and takes approximately 30 minutes to an hour.

We visited Malta for 3 weeks in September 2016 and stayed in Sliema, a pretty central area of the island within…

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Travel and Hospitality Trends to Dominate 2018

Miss Micali - Walk with Me

By Mical Imbukwa

2017, Skift termed, “the year travel found its larger purpose in the world”. Though the year was marred by extreme economic and security uncertainties and instabilities across the board, from political upheavals, to the controversial Trump Travel Ban, the advancement of the industry is not a subject to be overlooked. Use of various tech solutions, diversification of services by hotels, and the surge of millennial travel are just some of the highlights that marked 2017. So, will these continue to dominate 2018, or do we expect new and rising trends in the travel and hospitality sectors?

Image by OSABEE.jpg       Image by OSABEE

 Augmented Reality (AR) or Virtual Reality (VR)

Getting a feel of your hotel room before you even get there, or your airline’s premium economy flight has never been so tangible. Virtual travel is expected to further evolve this year, as service providers haste to offer easy…

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