Growth in changing times, not really the utopia for thousands of youth

The new world order is in existence. A lot of young people are held back from greatness by limitations and ceilings that they have set for themselves. Thus, they are constrained from reaching their full potential. They believe that there is no space for being value-driven leaders and entrepreneurs in the modern world. Accordingly, they... Continue Reading →

The Future of Work: Putting the Covid-19 Crisis to Good Use

Dr. Ehud Gachugu, Director of the Ajira Digital and Youth Employment Program at the Kenya Private Sector Alliance (KEPSA) The world has been disrupted in ways that we never expected or even imagined. The past year has been a reality check on how connected we are as humans on earth. A global pandemic - Covid... Continue Reading →

Fostering fruitful partnerships for green growth

Occasionally, change is necessitated by the occurrence of external events. The increasing growth in the world’s population for example, upsurges the threats from climate change and in turn deepens the need for partnerships that foster the adoption of sustainable models. Closer home, the high plastics production rate in Kenya (1.3 million kilograms of plastic waste... Continue Reading →

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