Where to go Glamping in South Africa this Easter

By Josephine Wawira South Africa is for varying and prodigious reasons, one of the continent’s top dream vacation destinations for tourists from across the world. From adventurous locations for the audacious types, lush wineries for the lovebirds, and a sundry natural world for wildlife lovers; South Africa also passes as a top port of call... Continue Reading →


New Report Projects Lead Growth in Kenya and South Africa Luxury Travel

  By Lillian gaitho   Nairobi, Kenya - 8th November 2017: A new report released in collaboration with the ongoing WTM London (World Travel Market) exhibition has named Kenya and South Africa as the projected continent’s leaders in luxury hotel growth. The report titled, “Top 100 Cities Destination Ranking 2017” is the twelfth annual edition... Continue Reading →

The wild inside the walls

By Josephine Wawira The blend of luxury and nature is quite intriguing especially when you can interact with the wild at the comfort of your chambers. I do not refer to kakemonos and other types of tapestries, but rather the elation of encountering wild animals in as a close meet as just inside the walls... Continue Reading →

South Africa, a top travel destination

By Josephine Wawira When we talk of experiential and luxury travel, South Africa easily passes as a top destination not only at the continental but also global level. With an array of exotic adventurous offers, from family friendly activities and destinations to lush vineyards and diverse wildlife, SA is a country brimming with exciting travel... Continue Reading →

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