How mobile web traffic-driven-internet connectivity is impacting travel in Kenya

  BY JOSEPHINE WAWIRA Defined as browser-based Internet services accessed from handheld mobile devices such as smartphones or feature phones; through a mobile or other wireless network, mobile web traffic continues to rise globally. It is largely driven by faster Internet speeds, availability of multiple mobile applications, as well as feature-rich devices. Kenya in 2017 had a mobile subscription rate of 41... Continue Reading →


Reviews and seamless payment methods take lead as drivers in online purchase

By Josephine Wawira   An analysis of the Q3 Customer Behavior and Online Trends released by Jumia Travel (Jumia Group) the leading online travel booking company, reveals insights into customer shopping habits and forecasts predictions for online hotel bookings. The report indicates that while desktop bookings still take lead in the flight and hotel booking... Continue Reading →

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