How mobile web traffic-driven-internet connectivity is impacting travel in Kenya

  BY JOSEPHINE WAWIRA Defined as browser-based Internet services accessed from handheld mobile devices such as smartphones or feature phones; through a mobile or other wireless network, mobile web traffic continues to rise globally. It is largely driven by faster Internet speeds, availability of multiple mobile applications, as well as feature-rich devices. Kenya in 2017 had a mobile subscription rate of 41... Continue Reading →


2018 Best Mothers’ Day Celebration Ideas

By Josephine Wawira Four and a half years down the motherhood lane, and this is one of my most favorite days of my journey. Mother’s Day! It reminds me (although am reminded every second of my life) what a gift and a blessing it is to give life. With a few days to go to... Continue Reading →

Africa’s Travel Indaba gets a taste of Madiba Magic

In celebration of African art, song and memory, renowned South African playwright and artistic director of the Market Theatre, James Ngcobo, has produced a stellar showcase of the life and legacy of Nelson Mandela in celebration of the former statesman’s 100th birthday. This forms part of the official opening of Africa’s Travel Indaba hosted by South... Continue Reading →

Digital Tech Disruption in The Food Service Industry

     By Josephine Wawira The food service industry has greatly evolved over the years, especially as the world gradually goes mobile. Food consumers’ demands, and specifications have largely contributed to the industry disruption, as a time sensitive generation arises. A working class with little or no time to personally make home made meals still... Continue Reading →

Eco-Friendly Rentals in Australia for the Labor Holiday

By Josephine Wawira Surrounded by the Indian and Pacific oceans, Australia is a top international tourist destination known for its beaches, Badlands, vast desert wilderness, and unique animals like the duck-billed platypuses and the kangaroos. It is an exciting country to visit, particularly for Kenyans who seem to share symbiotic relationships with Australians. Whether for... Continue Reading →

A continent on an upward move: Top 10 skyscrapers in Africa

By Josephine Wawira (Written: 2016) Africa is literally moving upwards, with buildings being erected every passing day. Interesting to note, some of these skyscrapers (multi-story buildings whose architectural height is at least 100m) are part of individual countries’ rigorous infrastructural development plans, meant to boost the continent’s economic expansion in one way or another. Others... Continue Reading →

The Forgotten African Music Beats

By Josephine Wawira  The world has over the years developed in all its aspects; from technology, culture, governance, architecture, even in one of the most social facets, music. One generation after another, music has evolved from the ancient times to what we are experiencing in today’s genres. We all have different tastes, but one thing... Continue Reading →

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