Mixing Business With Pleasure? Consider this Five Tips.

By Lillian Gaitho   In what the uptown folks now refer to as bleisure, business travelers are increasingly getting more creative with their holidays; it’s now a trend to tack in a few days into the work calendar, leaving room to explore new destinations and sample experiences while accomplishing and keeping with corporate targets. From... Continue Reading →


Airport Parking is Outrageous!


We’re not sure if it is just because we live in Colorado where there isn’t a good public transportation system.  Or whether it is because everyone is spread so far out that they have to drive to the airport, but the parking prices to leave your car at the airport for seven days is astronomical.  We’ve found a trick to save ourselves a little money and make flying out of Denver a little easier.  Instead of parking our car at the airport, we spend the night prior to our flight at one of the airport hotels.  Many of the hotels offer seven days of free parking if you spend a night.  Sometimes they charge an additional $10 for the parking, but some, like the Embassy Suites, do not.

Open Bar Open Bar

Free Appetizers Free Appetizers

A one night stay at the hotel is much cheaper than what the airport charges for parking.  In addition, if…

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Do You Romanticise Travel?


Cinderella Castle Cinderella’s Castle in Disney World

Have you ever noticed that whenever you talk to someone who has just returned from a trip, it was always the best trip of their life. It is as if, somehow, every trip that someone takes it is nothing but sunshine, magical moments, and the most amazing sights. Yes, you are right, we are guilty of this too. The actual truth is that not every trip or travel moment is pure joy and happiness. Flights get delayed or cancelled, reservations get messed up, hotels don’t look like their brochures, and the sun doesn’t always cooperate.

DSC_1793 Rainy Day in Paris

IMG_1152 Snowy Romania

That doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy trips that have mishaps, in fact if you can face them with optimism, they can sometimes just become funny anecdotes that are wonderful to share. We have been fortunate in that we haven’t had any major issues…

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There is Always One More Place to See


No matter how much time you spend in a country, or even a city, there is always one more place to see or thing to do. Sure, it may not be the most important thing to see or do, but it probably something interesting or fun that someone else has done. After returning to the United States from spending six months in Europe, our least favorite question that people asked us when we got back was “did you go to…?”. We were working during the week, so we only had weekends to travel and didn’t have an unlimited budget, so obviously we couldn’t go everyplace. We also wanted to take advantage of our close proximity to other countries in Europe, so we couldn’t see every place in Germany, let alone Europe.

DSC_2386 Colosseum in Rome

IMGP1270 Tower Bridge in London

IMGP3791 Seville Cathedral

The same is true of many other trips. We spent…

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