Using Technological Solutions to Drive Revenue

Case Study: The Zehneria Portico By Elizabeth Kiburu & Josephine Wawira Kenya is largely viewed as a leisure destination. However, as Kenya takes on the new identity of being East Africa’s economic hub, it is continually molding into a business destination. Additionally, Kenya is globally getting recognized as the African New Technologies hub, therefore bolstering... Continue Reading →


How to become a smart money traveler

Via Business Monthly Magazine BY JOSEPHINE WAWIRA More than often we shelve our travel plans due to the idea of how many expenses we must put up with. From booking ‘expensive’ flights to staying at ‘unaffordable’ hotels and having to deal with unanticipated outlays is absolutely something we need to cushion by making smart money moves.... Continue Reading →

Where to go yurt glamping in Oregon

By Josephine Wawira We know them as Manyatta in Kenya; those circular structures common in the Eastern Province and among the Nomadic people in the country. They are simple thatched homesteads that bring about the cultural feel of a clan. Synonymous with Africa, the Manyattas are also common in other parts of the world, here,... Continue Reading →

#WorldEnvironmentDay2018 TV Interview

Live on set at Y-254 TV Discussing Online Travel and Tourism in Kenya and Africa As we celebrate #WorldEnvironmentDay2018, I urge all travelers to do so responsibly, taking only memories and leaving only footprints. Catching up with the host after the interview. #HappyWorldEnvironmentDay2018!

How mobile web traffic-driven-internet connectivity is impacting travel in Kenya

  BY JOSEPHINE WAWIRA Defined as browser-based Internet services accessed from handheld mobile devices such as smartphones or feature phones; through a mobile or other wireless network, mobile web traffic continues to rise globally. It is largely driven by faster Internet speeds, availability of multiple mobile applications, as well as feature-rich devices. Kenya in 2017 had a mobile subscription rate of 41... Continue Reading →

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