The most aesthetic off the beaten walkways in the world

By Josephine Wawira There are places that you dream of walking down to your fairy world, so surreal they feel unreal, yet they exist in some hidden off the beaten destinations in the world. Whether being adventurous or needing a lazy walk to summon your inner being, these 10 walkways are the most aesthetic there... Continue Reading →


Winter Log Cabin Getaways in Upstate New York

By Josephine Wawira Log cabins have a natural way of creating a living fantasy, and while we may not have this at our traditional concrete structured homes, we can always flee to a fantastic log cabin and live the fantasy for some time, can’t we? During the winter, the wood - unlike other construction material... Continue Reading →

Eco-Friendly Rentals in Australia for the Labor Holiday

By Josephine Wawira Surrounded by the Indian and Pacific oceans, Australia is a top international tourist destination known for its beaches, Badlands, vast desert wilderness, and unique animals like the duck-billed platypuses and the kangaroos. It is an exciting country to visit, particularly for Kenyans who seem to share symbiotic relationships with Australians. Whether for... Continue Reading →

Where to go Glamping in South Africa this Easter

By Josephine Wawira South Africa is for varying and prodigious reasons, one of the continent’s top dream vacation destinations for tourists from across the world. From adventurous locations for the audacious types, lush wineries for the lovebirds, and a sundry natural world for wildlife lovers; South Africa also passes as a top port of call... Continue Reading →

Africa’s Top 12 Food Picks for 2017

By Josephine Wawira   The food buzz in relation to tourism is at its peak, especially as the end year festivities close in. Families and friends will gather to celebrate the various holidays such as Christmas, and as tradition dictates, authentic and customary foods will be the top picks for many. Africa in particular will... Continue Reading →

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