Africa’s Top 12 Food Picks for 2017

By Josephine Wawira   The food buzz in relation to tourism is at its peak, especially as the end year festivities close in. Families and friends will gather to celebrate the various holidays such as Christmas, and as tradition dictates, authentic and customary foods will be the top picks for many. Africa in particular will... Continue Reading →


The wild inside the walls

By Josephine Wawira The blend of luxury and nature is quite intriguing especially when you can interact with the wild at the comfort of your chambers. I do not refer to kakemonos and other types of tapestries, but rather the elation of encountering wild animals in as a close meet as just inside the walls... Continue Reading →

Must visit African Islands in 2017

By Josephine Wawira Envisage your upcoming holiday in one of the gorgeous African islands, and discover the hidden treasures these beauties possess. Their pristine environs are unrivaled, not to mention the privacy and calm that the islands provide to their dwellers. This year, escape from the rest of the bustling world and head to one... Continue Reading →

Six Ways to Bang a Bargain this Easter

By Lillian Gaitho If the sun, sea and sand is what you envision for this Easter four-day weekend; then you have a fortnight to ensure that every dream you catch comes at the best price possible, complete with extra toppings of freebies and post-holiday blues special pack! If you have not placed your booking yet... Continue Reading →

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