Espousing travel in your ripe old age

By Josephine Wawira

Mine is a ripe young age and every year I celebrate my birthday, I realize that the clock is ticking and it never waits. But as Jules Renard once said, it’s not how old you are, it’s how you are old. At your ripe old age, you are already retired or looking forward to it in a few years. You are excited to finally get the load off your feet and enjoy the benefits of years and years of hard work and resilience. As you gracefully saunter into retirement, I would like to convince you into one of the most exciting things that you may never had enough time to venture into when you were a bit younger; travelling.


Who said you are too old to travel? I say go ahead and make up your mind to wander, as long as you are in good shape. Remember, if your health has over the years weathered, travelling is also a medically proven tonic to various illnesses especially the stress related ones. Yet, it is important to consult with your doctor before embarking on your journey and even once in a while during the itinerary. Otherwise, as long as you have complete reasoning capacity, able to move effectively and most importantly you have financial means for the expedition, then you don’t need to spend the rest of your days slumbering. Is your checklist complete? It’s now time to amble off into the unknown world and continue aging gracefully.

They say as we grow old we tend to be like little kids. By nature, children are the most curious beings in the universe and that is exactly what you will need, to have maximum fun during your travel. If you have been wondering how it feels to live in a particular place for all your years, isn’t it about time you experience it first hand? Travel to as many places as you possibly can and satisfy your curiosity.

However, remember your body is already hoary and therefore should not be over strained while travelling. Engage in simple outdoor adventures such as swimming, trekking, gentle mountain climbing, nature walks and sightseeing among others you can easily pull off. Avoid strenuous goings-on like bungee jumping; zip lining, wind surfing, canoeing (in rough waters) and paragliding, which can jolt and leave you with an undesirable whiplash that may ruin your jaunt.

age.pngHark back to the many times you called off lunch plans with your significant other because of an emergency call to handle office work. And the lonely nights you spent alone as your spouse went on business trips or burnt the candle at both ends. The workouts you could not have because your little ones were scared of sleeping alone in their rooms. How charming would it be if your wife or husband joined you in this journey; not to rediscover yourselves, but rather to recompense the missed times and grow old together ‘until death do you part’. Your eclectic work lives are over and the best gift you can give each other now is your time. The truth is you don’t know what is going to happen tomorrow. Life is a crazy ride and nothing is guaranteed – Eminem.



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